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we are legion

The film was written and directed by Brian Knappenberger and features the story of Anonymous assumed to stem from the imageboard 4chan. It also outlines major turning points and “operations” in their history. Angered by many diverse issues such as copyright abuse, police brutality, online censorship and would-be web controllers this loosely affiliated collective of hacktivists have organised both online and offline protests, cyber attacks on foreign governments during the Arab Spring movement and provided technical support to the Occupy movement. They see themselves as activists and protectors of free speech, and tend to rise up most powerfully when they perceive a threat to internet freedom or personal privacy.

Título Original: We are legion: the story of the hacktivists
Idioma: Ingles
Legenda: Imbutida PT-BR
Tamanho: 350mb
Formato: mp4
Gênero: Documentário
Duração: 1,30 mim

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